Monday, November 15, 2004

Anyone else seeing a trend here? And Scenario

Muslim Extremists Preach Violence in Europe check out the videos

Earlier, Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra blamed the violence on Thai Muslims who had studied Islam abroad.

She was anglo, she was a woman and she was killed by a muslim. Justification enough? Seems that way in the muslim mindset. Remember that people in the Middle East see mainly the jihadi rah-rah "journalism" that coincides with ideals of the Qu'ran, anything else is considered sin. Wrong in the name of allah will always outweigh right in the name of the perceived infidel.

Is Islam a religion of peace just because someone said so? I routinely hear: "You dont understand the culture", or "You dont understand the context of the qu'ran". So I need a Phd in Theology to understand peace love and co-existence? We are all products of our environment to a large degree. Who is channelling a 6 year old child to hate based on religious decree? Its basic logic to determine that its being being fed from somewhere.

Its amazing how so much water cooler conversation revolves around the "blue dress" or "watch this drive" or "freedom fries" or "blue states red states". How about discussion about this? or this

Lets start a hypothetical government / nation / whatever. Lets base the constitution on these principles:
1:) All people are equal under the law.
2:) Persecution based on religion, race or gender is illegal.
3:) We will support other nations with these same ideals.
Sounds fair enough BUT when the citizens speak out, you get this:
Objections to principles:
1:) Person A says: "My religion teaches me that all people are not equal therefore the constitution itself is persecution of my religious beliefs".
Observations about principles:
1:) Person B says: "People are mislead that our new government supports the actual primary religion of another nation instead of the democratic ideals that it represents".
2:) Person C says: "We are supporting another nation that has border issues with its neighboring countries. They cant get along and its making us look bad".
3:) Person D says: "Wake me when its over".
Dramatic Conclusion: Who knows? but watch strikingly similar situations play out live on a tv near you.
Read this while you watch the doom and gloom. and this
The very concept of human rights are a "modern" and "western" invention and are inadmissible in Islam. Human rights were developed by real, courageous people who basically got tired of being shit on. Free nations can have their societies exploited by the very freedom they offer. Think about it. If someone hijacks a plane, that means they had the freedom to buy a plane ticket in the first place, right? Now analogize that same concept a million different ways. A country like Saudi Arabia has distinct policies in place to prevent anything of the sort. Explore this blog to read more about the Qu'ran, Saudi Arabia and more. Read and evaluate, pass the link on to anyone you know who may find it an eye opener.

Love and hate are like electricity. If you complete the circuit, they thrive. Break it, they become dormant. No one knows everything there is to know about human nature, but I suspect that love is inherent to all living things. Whereas hate is learned and promoted within your environment.


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