Saturday, November 13, 2004

Freedom To Gripe...

This is by a sunni baathist family. They use their new found freedom to blog to lament their loss of status under Saddam. I've been reading it for about 16 mnths or so. In summary, this old lady hardcore defends the dysfunctions of Islamic society before she would ever acknowledge any benefits brought by the "infidel". Ask her why you got gum on your shoe and she'll pull a verse from the Quran to explain it. To bad she'll never understand that she's a product of a society that preaches religious division under the guise of unity. A society that teaches glory in religious martydom, and anyone you come in contact with needs to be converted or killed. I'm sure that people like her and her family would rather her countrymen continued to live under a tyrannical dictatorship than have peace and prosperity delivered by outsiders. It would simply be too much of a thorn in their pride. Seems to be the theme in alot of Iraq. She will focus on and perpetuate the negatives, because she does'nt want the history books to show anything good coming out of this war.


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